The Margarine Marxists of Tamil Nadu and their Lumpen Supporters

One of the reasons why I quit debating on Facebook is that it has never been a place for healthy debates. It is full of Nazis and other assorted fanatics who will drown what you write with inanities, circular arguments, empty rhetorics and plain abuses. These lumpens have seriously impaired brains and if you took them and collected them in one big hall, you still wouldn’t have enough IQ points to make a half-wit. Please don’t mistake me. I have no problem with people with low IQ, unlike the Ubermensch finance minister of Tamil Nadu, but I know better than to applaud them or have them constantly around me. But the Margarine Marxists of Tamil Nadu seem to be thrilled with their company. In a post on the wall of a pompous editor of an English fortnight, a lumpen speaks about the physical appearance of a person and says he is so skinny that if he were to be flayed nothing substantial would remain. The editor finds this comment mirthful, and he calls himself a Marxist.

This was what Marx said and how prescient he is!

“The lumpenproletariat, this scum of the decaying elements of all classes, which establishes headquarters in all the big cities, is the worst of all possible allies. It is an absolutely venal, an absolutely brazen crew. Every leader of the workers who utilizes these gutter proletarians as guards or supports, proves himself by this action alone a traitor to the movement.” 

The Margarine Marxists of Tamil Nadu are the textbook definitions of the traitors to the Communist movement and there is no wonder they use lumpens to get cheap thrills. It never occurs to them that Communists don’t score victories by merely winning Brownie points on Facebook.

There are of course several Communists who work sincerely and selflessly among the proletariat and the peasants. But unfortunately, many of those who are visible to the public are proving to be betrayers of the very idea of Communism. One MP brazenly says that his DNA is different from the Northerners. I consider it a shame to call such persons Communists. The public have rightly identified them as miserable camp-followers of the Dravidian movement.

If you are a communist or a Marxist, you should be totally free of racism. You should be a true internationalist and view the world through Marxist and humanist prism. But many Marxists of Tamil Nadu, especially the ones who preen themselves in public, swear by Periyar and try to justify, either overtly or covertly, the brazen racist theories of his. Many of them are unashamedly regional chauvinist and promote unscientific theories of Tamil glory.

The history of modern Tamil Nadu, when it is written, would gratefully acknowledge the glorious work by the Communists in the years preceding our independence and in those that immediately followed it. However, it would also note, with total contempt, the steep fall of the Communists both in the ideological and the popular arenas in the subsequent years, their despicable collaboration with the Periyarist Nazis, thier miserable adherence to tailism and their constant waiting at the high table of the DMK. I am sure it would also mention in passing the Margarine Marxists and the cheap and shameful thrill they got out of the cacophonous rabble surrounding them.

4 thoughts on “The Margarine Marxists of Tamil Nadu and their Lumpen Supporters”

  1. I think Communists of a previous generation , those who were in the movement in the 40s,50s, 60s had a better understanding of dravidian movement , it’s class basis and it’s inanities. They did not want any truck with EVR, CNA and their ilk.
    The fall of Congress in TN is equally pathetic. Drav movement came up by throwing tons of manure on Congress. Congress , which led India into Independence and had a galaxy of leaders, now grovels before DMK. Both communists and Congress have lost their direction and play second fiddle to DMK


  2. A couple of years ago I had asked the editor of Frontline ‘What is your answer to Prof.Sivasubramanian’s book ‘Christianity and Caste’? As Prof.Sivasubramanian was a communist author, do you agree with his views?’ He began to deride the learned professor. Later I had drawn his attention to the book ‘Eminent Historians’ by Arun Shourie and had asked some questions pertaining to ICHR, the way India’s history has been twisted by the left leaning ‘historians’ etc. He blocked me. Uncomfortable queries, backed by evidence, to communist leaning editors, lead to blocking in FB. So much for FoE.


  3. Marx, toh door ki baat hai.

    I am not sure if the parties’ training program now read even the works of their own forbears.
    Perhaps Arunan’s tripe suffices as required reading.

    In his searing critique, Viduthalai pOrum Dravida Iyakkamum, P.Ramamurthi mentions (besides other things) a few specific points about the Justice Party:

    1) One of the first laws passed by the 1937 Rajaji govt. in Madras was the capping of usurious rates on farm loans (and retrospective calculation to effectively write of loans). Almost all of the borrowers who would have benefited would have been non-brahmin marginal farmers. Justice Party opposed it.

    2) T.Prakasam and Tenetti Viswanathan commission recommended the abolishment of the Zamindari system. This would have substantially benefited those involved in agriculture. Again, opposed by the Justice Party.

    He points these as examples as Congress initiatives which the communists (Congress Socialists) too supported but the party that claimed to represent non-brahmin interests did not – thus exposing itself to be merely representing the interest of the landed classes.

    He makes the simple point that Dravidianism did not take root in Kerala because the middle-castes took up English education and Namboodris had to play catch up (EMS himself was among the first Namboodris to move away from traditional education to English education). So there wasn’t much of an simplistic animus that could be stoked up and harvested.

    PR’s whole critique is based on how a ‘class-based understanding of history’ that was existing and rising in the Madras political space, was supplanted by a vile, incorrect, and utterly hollow deception of Dravidian politics.

    No points for guessing precisely what names PR was called!


    1. I am not talking about Aruban. I am talking about the guy who edits Frontline and whose knowledge of basic Marxism appears to be less than zero. He is the hero of Periyarist lumpens.


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