P. A. Krishnan is an Indian writer who writes in both Tamil and English. He began his career as a teacher of physics and went on to serve many years as an bureaucrat in the Government of India. After a long stint of 30 years, he joined a research organization as the CEO. He later became a Senior Director with a multinational firm.

His most famous novels include The Tiger Claw Tree and The Muddy River which were also re-created by him in Tamil as புலிநகக் கொன்றை and கலங்கிய நதி. He has also written an introduction to Western Painting the first volume of which was published by Kalachuvadu under the title மேற்கத்திய ஓவியங்கள். A contributor to several Indian newspapers and literary magazines, several volumes of his essays have also been collated and published, the most notable ones being Agrahaarathil Periyar (அக்கிரகாரத்தில் பெரியார்) and Thirumbichendra Tharunam (திரும்பிச் சென்ற தருணம்).

Krishnan presently lives with his wife Revathi in New Delhi and their only son Siddharth works in California.


My novels in English: