This is what I propose to do

I stopped posting on Facebook for three reasons:

  1. I found that I was being regularly trolled by fanatics and half-wits ( of Dravidian, Hindutva and margarine Marxist varieties) and it was impossible to make them see reason. Yes, there are several other persons who read my posts and find them reasonable, but even they get confused in the cacophony.
  2. I was dreadfully behind schedule in fulfilling several things I promised to myself and to others. – for instance, I wanted to revise my novel which had remained unattended for several months and I had promised that I would deliver a series of lectures on Western Philosophy in Tamil.
  3. My reading had taken a terrible beating. I used to read at least one book in three days but during the last year or so I had hardly read anything worthwhile.

I have now decided that I will devote my Sunday mornings to the events of the previous week which I consider are important and write my views on them – either in English or Tamil – and post them here, which I will share on my Facebook page.

5 thoughts on “This is what I propose to do”

  1. You can ignore those comments. Please continue posting and help younger people see your point of view.
    Wish you opened your comment box.


  2. This is hypocrisy.
    You made so many “friends” in Facebook to reach to a wider mass and you probably didn’t know a good majority of them outside of the FB platform. You should not be complaining that you were trolled. On one hand you wanted the likes and followers and on the other hand you didn’t want their points of view and resorted to ad hominem in many instances. You conveniently hid behind “my wall” and “don’t post on my wall” – that is the height of your hypocrisy.

    (I happen to agree to many of your viewpoints despite your hypocrisy and haughtiness)


  3. / series of lectures on Western Philosophy in Tamil/
    If it is not a hassle, can you please post links to your talks here?
    I am sure I’m not the only one not on FB who would be interested in listening.

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  4. Getting one post from you on a specific issue of the previous week will be very nice. Also it will be nice if you could write at least few lines on the book that you read the previous week.


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