Ersatz Nazism


1. What is Ersatz Nazism?
The ideology of Hindutva guys at the national level and the ideology of Periyrists and their lick-spittles at the state level.
2. Is Ersatz Nazism totalitarian?
No. There is no need for it to be totalitarian when democracy admirably serves its purpose. The Indian elections ensure that the ideology remains enmeshed in the very process of democracy. Any political party can openly practice Ersatz Nazism so long as it pays lip service democratic ideals and at the same time invoke an imagined past.
3. Are the practitioners of Ersatz Nazism exterminatory?
They are not openly so. Hindutva guys maintain that the idea is to tame Islamism and not to kill persons who practice Islam. Periyarists maintain that the idea is to tame Braminism and not to kill Brahmins.
At times, however, taming involves considerable violence and loss of lives – especially Muslim lives. Gujarat killings are a perfect example. Though Periyarists too threatened violence in the past, Tamil Brahmins are themselves tame and hence not much taming is required. Moreover, Periyarists are not strong enough to practice violence on Tamil Brahmins who have behind them entire India and the sane people of Tamil Nadu. Muslims inherent strength – what demography and history have given them – works against them. In the case of Tamil Brahmins, they are insignificant, demographically speaking and mouse-like, historically speaking.
4. Does Ersatz Nazism support deportation?
Yes – whenever it is possible. NRC is an example. Periyarists desperately want to get rid of the Brahmin vermin at least from all public institutions and the Brahmins are obliging. The population of Brahmins in Tamil Nadu is steadily dwindling. Though it may never reach zero, it will surely touch Parsi proportions. When that day arrives there is a likelihood that Brahmins will be considered museum pieces and left alone.

5. What about intellectuals?
The sad fact is Indian intellectuals have betrayed the Muslims. The Hindutva guys even have some Muslims rationalizing the turn of events. Similarly, Tamil intellectuals are a sorry, dishonest spectacle. The Periyarists too have Brahmin, intellectual gatekeepers, who rationalize without any sense of shame all acts of Periyarist thuggery.

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