Why is my Prime Minister your Fuehrer?

Mr Narendra Modi is my Prime Minister and the Prime Minister of millions and millions of sane Indians. He will be my Prime Minister and the millions and millions of sane Indians, if he is elected again. But he is considered their Fuehrer by the lunatic Hindutva hordes and the Braying and other brigades. According to them, he can do no wrong and his government is the most wonderful in the history of the world. All those who oppose him are, according to them, trairors who deserve punishment and are subjected to filthy abuse. The Indian constitution calls India a secular republic and it also has a special article concerning Jammu & Kashmir – article 370. To the Fuehrer worshippers, all those who consider India secular are vile and all those who recognize the existence of article 370 are traitors.

Let me elaborate.

1. The Governor of Meghalaya, who calls himself a right wing Hindu socio-political thinker, says:

“An appeal from a retired colonel of the Indian Army: Don’t visit Kashmir,don’t go to Amarnath for the next 2 years. Don’t buy articles from Kashmir emporia or Kashmiri tradesman who come every winter. Boycott everything Kashmiri.
I am inclined to agree.”

Now, if Kashmir is an integral part of India, which it is, and Kashmiris are Indian citizens, which they are, is it not ridiculous to appeal to other Indians not to visit Kashmir or not to buy Kashmiri goods? Only hate-befuddled Nazi minds will think like this. But a constitutional authority thinks like this and is supported by the Modi-worshipping hordes.

2. Barkha Dutt, a respected journalist the world over, is being abused in the vilest language by the Hindutva hordes, just because she has a different view point. Let me quote ‘The Hindu’:”I have continued to get hundreds of abuses, sexually violent messages and threats to my life for a second day running. I urgently ask @Delhi Police @MPpoliceonline @ PoliceRajasthan @PunjabPoliceInd to intervene. FIR with Delhi Police,” Ms. Dutt appealed on Twitter on Tuesday. In separate tweets, she posted that she had received 1,000 abusive messages, including a message to shoot her, a nude photo and a rape threat.

3. Ravish Kumar, another respected journalist, is being constantly abused by the Hindutva thugs, just because he has a different view point. This is what he says: “These cuss-words reveal to me the thought process of the foul-mouths. Their wanton use of profanities involving the genitalia of mothers and sisters clearly reflects their infinite hatred towards women. This hatred is so unfathomable that they are disgusted by me, yet vent their anger invoking mothers and sisters. No woman has ever abused me. All these gutter-mouths are men. It is another matter that the leader and the politics these men follow are also supported by lakhs of women.”

4. A Non-Resident-Indian calls Gandhi a scumbag, Nehru a traitor and Godse a Mahatma. He calls for the rape of Muslim women a hundred times over, if a Hindu woman is touched. He says that is what Dharma is all about. He is being fervently applauded by admirers of Modi, especially Tamil Brahmin admirers.

5. Hundreds of Kashmiri students in Uttarkhand ran away from their institutions in fear, because the Modi-loving students do not want them to continue their studies. But the management was coerced into saying that they would not admit Kashmiri students in future.I applaud the Dehradun police for arresting them. https://www.news18.com/news/india/22-students-arrested-in-dehradun-for-protesting-against-kashmiri-pupils-police-on-alert-2042115.html

6. In Patna, a rampaging mob attacked the shops of the Kashmiris and threatened them with dire consequences if they didn’t clear out within 24 hours. watch this video:

But Indians who consider Mr Modi their Prime Minister came in support of the traders. In West Bengal too, several Indians who consider Mr Modi their Prime Minister came in support of the hapless Kashmiris.

Let me repeat.

Narendra Modi is the Prime Minister of the democratic India and millions and millions of Indians – and I am one of them – consider him their Prime Minister. But they don’t think he is above criticism or his government is spotless and must not criticized for being inefficient or callous. But to the hate-filled, Muslim and Christian hating Hindutva hordes and the intellectuals who guide them, he is the Fuehrer who can do no wrong. The tactics used by them is identical to the tactics used by the Nazis in defence of their Fuehrer. My request to the sane few among them is this: Please return to democratic and secular India. Consider Mr Modi your Prime Minister, and not your Fuehrer.

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