Lies about Mahatma Gandhi

The Hindutva guys are so shameless that they lie without any qualm and it is impossible to respond to every lie they keep circulating.
However a specific reference has been brought to my notice by one of my friends and he has asked me to make an exception and respond to it. This is the statement made by one of the Hindutva worthies living in the US and advising the rabid Hindutva thugs and Gandhi-hating Tamil Brahmin lunatics.

“Gandhi hailed Suhrawardy, who had commissioned the rape and massacre of Hindus, as “shaheed!” Suhrawardy had informed the Gandhian delegation led by Kriplani, “Hindu women are more handsome than Muslim women. So, it is only natural that Muslims rape Hindu women.” Gandhi didn’t even murmur against this remark which was made while the Noakhali riots were in full swing. Instead, Gandhi became a guest of Suhrawardy and stayed in his mansion/”

There are three suppurating lies in just one paragraph.
1. Gandhi did not hail Suhrawardy as Shaheed (Martyr). His name was Huseyn Shaheed Suhrawardy. His brother’s name was Hasan Shaheed Suhrawardy.

2. Gandhi did not stay with Suhrawardy. In fact it was Suhrawardy who, at the dawn of independence, stayed with Gandhi in Haidari Manzil, which was not Suhrawardy’s house. Manu Gandhi says in her book ‘The Miracle of Calcutta’:

“Bapu launched on a frightening venture, for the locality in which he was asked to stay was thought to be very dangerous. Not a single Muslim had been spared there. One has to rely on God for the future” Later Suhrawardy admitted before a gathering that he was responsible for the Direct Action day. Manu says: Someone asked, “Don’t you think that you were responsible for the great massacre of 16th August 1946?” Shri Suhrawardy replied, “All of us were responsible for it.” The youth said, “Please answer my question.” Shri Suhrawardy finally admitted that he alone was responsible for the happenings
and people greeted him with cheers.

It was because of Gandhi that Bengal was spared of large scale riots during the partition days.

3. The third lie is the biggest one. Suhrawardy never made that statement. This is what Kripalani says in his book ‘Gandhi – His life and Thought’: “When we met the Governor, he appeared to be quite unconcerned and at ease. The Chief Minister also happened to be there. The Governor said that the Chief Minister had reported to him that everything was under control and peace and order had been restored. When we talked of kidnapping of Hindu women by the Muslims, his laconic reply was that that was inevitable, as the Hindu women there were more handsome than Muslim women. I felt like hitting him but I restrained myself. This was the reply of a representative of the Labour Government, F. Burrows, who himself was a railwayman! Even he had changed his skin when became to India as a ruler.”
Thus the remark was NOT made by Suhrawardy but by the Governor. How could Gandhi murmur against this remark, made in a conversation where he was not present, unless Kripalani himself chose to make it public?

Three lies in one paragraph! Imagine a full article or a book by this guy!

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